Tuesday, 22 March 2016

About Microchipping A Pet And Its Importance

New technologies bring new advancements that are useful in many aspects of life. Even pets are a privileged lot today with the availability of pet tracking chip devices and services to be kept safe. Pets like cats and dogs are enjoying not only the best pet health insurance in town just like humans but they are also injected with microchips for easy tracking.
Pet Microchips

There are currently viable microchips for cats and dogs to ensure a precise tracking of their location or identification in case they get lost from their owners. There is a greater demand on microchips for cats than dog tracking chips as dogs usually have a dog tag with the owner’s contact information.

Cats are less likely to wear identification tags but they do go missing which makes it hard for their owners to track them. These feline creatures are harder to identify without the proper identification devices; hence, a microchip for cats is quite logical and useful.

This cat tracking chip works wonderfully with a simple implantation process that is easy and long lasting. The bio-compatible device has an integrated circuit as small as a rice grain to locate the animal with the help of pet tracking chip service companies.

Microchip Tracking Services

The tracking services offered by professional cat or dog microchip companies suffice in a quick identification of the pet when it goes missing instead of being placed in the shelter and later euthanized for the lack of space and non-claimants on missing pets.

It is important to tag pets if they are prone to run off by themselves without the owner. Microchipping pets is better than the collar tag for a clearer and more accurate identification of the pet especially when it goes missing or found and placed at the shelter. The dog tracking chip is not easily lost or dropped as with the collar tag to help trace the pet back to its owner.

Microchips for cats and dogs are excellent choices when a pet is adopted and time is required to familiarize with the owner and environment. These new pets have a tendency to miss their last home and may run away. These pets may not have the best of directions to their home when they run too far away from their homes.
If the pet is found and passed to the pet shelter anywhere, the microchip information would help the owner be reconciled with their pet. The contact information of the pet owner is stored in the microchip and registered to be activated in locating the owner.


Having a cat tracking chip on the pet is a form of best pet health insurance where the pet is always tracked back to its owner.

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