Friday, 22 July 2016

Introduction to the Dog & Cat Tracking Tag

Pet owners would be delighted to note the dynamic use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the form of pet tracking chip for cats, dogs and other type of animal pet that could wander off. This cat tracking chip or dog tracking chip is considered the best pet tracking device for any pet as it safeguards the animal from becoming missing for too long.

These identification tags contain huge amounts of useful and relevant data manipulated to return the pet to the owner quickly and safely.

Modern Technology Solutions

The microchips for cats or dogs are derived from the latest technology using non-toxic materials that would not cause side effects on pets implanted with this device.  Cat and dog microchip companies are manufacturing the best of microchip for cats and dogs to earn the approval of pet owners and pet lovers.
When a pet is lost, the information of owner such as name and contact would be procured from a simple scan of the microchip implanted under the skin of the pet. The RFID tag is more efficient than bar codes on products which must be visible to be scanned.

Cat and dog microchip companies manipulate the RFID technology in such pet tracking tags with information sent on a unique frequency read anywhere without a scanner.

Ideal Solution for Pet Owners

RFID technology is ideal for tracking lost pets when the tag is implanted under the fur of the pet. It is easy to locate the pet when it gets lost. Modern technologies empower police and wardens to scan stray animals and check on their RFID tag for identification and reconciliation to their owner as there could be pet thefts.
This dynamic tracking technology is also highly deployed by conservationists with wild animals that are threatened with extinction. Pets can be protected from extinction too with a longer lifespan using this RFID tag if the owner would invest into one today.

Current Applications

Pet owners should not worry about the implications of this pet tracking chip as it has been well applied in many industries and corporations. Company vehicles are installed with RFID tags to aid recovery in case it is stolen. The same could be done for personal vehicles or luggage bags when travelling. Baggage handlers at bus terminals and airports apply these tags to track lost luggage.

Governments across the globe apply RFID tags on army or military vehicles with ammunition or weapons to track these dangerous items which could be easily hijacked. All important items which could be transported could be tagged with RFID tags to locate their position at all times.

Hence, it is not surprising that pets are implanted with RFID tags as their best pet health insurance for the owner.

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