Saturday, 20 August 2016

Pet Microchipping - So a Lost Pet Can Find Their Way Home Easily

Only an animal-lover would know what it’s like to lose a pet, especially if the dog or cat simply disappeared and never returned home. It can be devastating not to know whether they’re safe and sound or at least alive and well somewhere. However, today, modern technology comes to the rescue of runaway or lost pets and pet-owners no longer have to worry about locating their beloved four-footed friends and ensuring that they return home.

Some Available Options

There are a host of very useful options available that help with keeping a tab on your pet. Perhaps your pet loves to sneak out when they find the door/gate left open, or maybe you live on a farm or ranch and your pet has the run of the place, perhaps your pet is also a working animal that helps herd sheep or cows. Some pets adore going with owners on treks and hikes, they love being off-leash while going for a walk or they may be stolen. There are even strange cases, where spouses fight over custody of pets when they get divorced and one spouse kidnaps the pet from the other’s home!

Whatever the reason, there are solutions available. Microchips for cats and dogs can be implanted below the skin and these are programmed with the pet’s ID or registration number which is fed into a database to identify the owner.

Pet tracking chips and GPS-enabled chips help owners to get the exact location of the animal and also help owners to get to that spot quickly and easily.

Dog tracking chips and cat tracking chips can be painlessly implanted just below the skin and they are activated when a scanner/wand is passed over them. They relay information that would help restore the pet to its owner. It’s important to get a top-quality device from reputed dog microchip companies so that you can rest assured that your pet stays safe.

Pet Recovery Services

Your vet or local pet care association can recommend a good pet recovery service that will take care of these issues. The service ensures that a pet tracking chip is safely/hygienically implanted and they may also recommend the type of device that would be appropriate to your animal’s lifestyle, habits and environment.

GPS-enabled devices are usually externally worn, and they may be quite heavy and expensive. However, reputed services and companies can help you with costs through the best pet health insurance plan that would suit your needs and budget.

These devices are a one-time investment that helps you to rest assured that your pet will always be found if it’s ever lost or stolen.

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