Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pet Assure - About Pet and Dog Insurance

Pets are good companions but they need to be protected from danger as they could run out of the home and get lost. Pet Assure is a dynamic pet recovery service that offers a new approach of protecting pets to be in good health. The well-being of the pets is assured not through insurance alone but through the pet tracking device and recovery program offered.

Effective Pet Program

Pet owners today should consider joining such pet tracking programs which ensure a quick and effective recovery of their lost pet. This program offers 25% off on veterinary visits for pet owners to enjoy more savings as they take care of their pets regularly.

Every pet is eligible for this program regardless of pedigree, age or pre-existing health conditions. The benefits include office visits and vaccinations as well as required injections or surgery such as spaying. Elective procedures and hospitalization could be included into the program package depending on the owner’s budget.

This program could include the save this life microchip procedure where a tracking microchip could be inserted into the pet for recovery. This is a new procedure which is highly recommended for pets to avoid potential risks of pets getting lost. Pet microchip companies are manufacturing small microchips with pet owner’s information regarding the pet for an easy tracing and recovery should the pet becomes lost.

Lost and Found

Pet Assure programs are more than just pet insurance to protect the pets in medical checks for good health. Lost pets could be greatly stressed along with pet owners. Hence, inserting the pet tracking device into the pet would ensure a quick return of the pet to its owner when the ownership information is scanned and identified by the authorities.

Lost pets are reconciled with their owners quickly and all is well when pet owners participate in this save-this-life microchip program along with the pet medical insurance. Lost pets are common when pet owners go on a journey and their pets are in the care of another who may not be so alert to the pet’s movements.


Pet owners should be prepared for possible eventualities to protect their pets at all times. They could also take their pets on a journey and their pets could be unfamiliar with their new surroundings and get lost.

Participating veterinarians on this program would be helpful in connecting the pet with its owner through the scanner and database of records in locating the pet owner. Pet owners benefit much more when they participate actively in this pet recovery service program where all aspects of their pets’ health and well being are fully covered.


Pet Assure programs are highly recommended to pet owners who value their furry companions.

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