Friday, 21 October 2016

Factors That Make a Pet Tracking Chip Effective

What is a microchip for cats or a dog tracking chip?
These are electronic devices manufactured by dog microchip companies about the size of a grain of rice enclosed in a glass capsule that is  easily implanted by an injection under your dog’s skin by its doctor or at a pet store. The chip has no internal energy source. It is bio compatible and lasts the lifetime of the pet. Next,  the chip has to be registered online.  If the pet gets lost and is found by a stranger, you can be contacted by your details present in the chip, which becomes available once a handheld scanner is run over it by any veterinary doctor equipped with one. Implanting a microchip for cats follows the same procedure.


The eight important factors that make a pet tracking chip effective are as follows:
  1. First of all it should be made compulsory to get your pet microchipped. In the UK, since April 2016, it has become mandatory for all dogs to get microchipped and registered on a government compliant database. Only then will the pet tracking chip become effective as eventually every cat and dog will be microchipped
  2. Every veterinarian should have at least four microchip scanners or a universal one to be able to scan chips of all manufacturers.
  3. The microchip should be registered. The guardian registers the chip with the manufacturer usually. Veterinary clinics take care of the registration also while implanting the chip. They may take a fee for this.
  4. It should be an ISO certified pet tracking chip with anti migration coating.
  5. The chip should be implanted in the right place. The right place for cat tracking chip or a dog tracking chip is between the shoulder blades, just under the skin. Here it should be said that chips have a tendency to migrate under the skin from their original place, so veterinarians should be aware of this because they may not find it where it is supposed to be and conclude that there is no microchip.
  6. The best pet health insurance plans should and sometimes do offer microchip reimbursements.
  7. Some websites like savethislife invite you to register any microchip of any brand instead of registering it with the dog microchip companies. This is a helpful service which can be utilized for more effective tracking.
  8. Transfer of ownership, adoption, updating information about your pet, updating your own information, all help in making pet tracking chips more effective.

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