Saturday, 21 January 2017

How you Can Find Your Lost Pet with Pet Tracking Microchip

pet recovery deviceThe old adage that said your pet will find its way home need no longer be proved. This is because even before your pet realizes it is lost, it will be in safe custody. You will thank yourself for providing your dog (or cat) with a pet tracking device.

There are a wide variety of pet recovery services. A pet recovery service is established with the intention of reuniting lost pets with their owners. Identification tagging is an important feature of pet recovery. This identification may be external like collar tags with information numbers or QR codes containing information about the pet or the recovery service.

Pet Microchips

Microchip implants are implanted just underneath the skin of the animal between its shoulder blades, be it a cat or a dog. Animal shelters and veterinary hospitals have scanners that can scan the chip with a chip scanner. Earlier a chip could be read only with that company’s chip scanner, but nowadays there are universal scanners that can read chips manufactured by any chip manufacturing company.

In addition, there are meta search engines sponsored by associations, and many registries are participants in these meta search engines.

A pet microchips is no bigger than a grain of rice and consists of an integrated circuit encapsulated within bioglass material and implanted beneath the skin of the animal. It has anti migration properties that make sure that this save this life microchip stays in place by bonding with the body tissue under the skin.

What information does a microchip contain?

A microchip does not contain any information about your pet. All it has is a unique nine, 10 or fifteen digit number. For a microchip to work, it has to be registered in an online registry. An unregistered microchip is useless.  The registered information also has to be updated in case the pet owner moves or changes his or her telephone number. Pet microchip companies maintain databases of their clients.

How much does a pet microchip cost?

A pet microchip costs anywhere between 25 and 50 dollars at the veterinarian. It costs more if the visit to the veterinarian is only for microchipping. Usually microchipping is done when another procedure like neutering or spaying is being done under anesthesia and in this case it costs less. Microchipping can be done even without anesthesia and is like an ordinary injection. Some pets don’t even notice the prick.

Thus it goes without saying that every pet should be microchipped. It has no side effects and a lot of heartache and tension can be avoided when your pet has a microchip implant.

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