Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Reliable and Affordable Pet Tracking Device

Our pets are our beloved, a part of our family, and nothing is harder to face than losing a family member. While our pet dogs and cats do not speak, they understand your hearts and feel our stress. These loving, caring and mischievous companions need utter attention while going for a walk or on a trip. They even at times lose the track to back home and wander in the wild concrete jungle. It becomes a challenge to pick a reliable pet tracking device from various pet recovery services out there. We would even prefer to have an easy search when the bad time falls upon.

Save This Life Microchip provides the fastest pet recovery system in the world today. Without any heavy cut to the pockets, this advanced pet microchip company is one of a kind. These former pet rescuers have developed the most innovative process of pet recovery. They support the search of your pet on Google. Yes, a plain Google Search of the pet’s microchip number will give you the exact location of the pet’s owner. There is no middlemen like a service center or calling the company, which is a complete exhausting progression.

When a person finds a lost pet, they can quick search on Google for its unique microchip number, they shall be able to find the owner details including their mail address and personal contact number to reach them. Then the person further on contacting the owner, send them the alert of their pet. The owner now can have the exact location of their powered by Google Maps via GPS. This helps direct tracking to your pet. The route directly to your pet isn’t a difficult leap.

The microchip on the tracking device is a 134.2 kHz ISO compliant readable chip by all the universal scanner. Embedded in a bio-thermal glass, with Parylene C coating provides prevention from migration. Easy to implant into a non-slip grip, the syringe needle is made by laser giving maximum sharpness and minimum discomfort to the pet. The benefits also include a $1000 insurance in case of lost pet or emergency care for accidents for the one year after activation.

The pet microchip cost is nil when compared to other services. Costing $23.98 for a lifetime registration, there is no registration fees, no annual fees and no fees on transferring of pet ownership or updating the information. After the one-time registration for a lifetime, a custom aluminum machine stamped with ID tag shall be delivered at your doorstep.

With such simple method, affordable cost and most reliable feature, Save This Life Microchip is by far one of the most advanced pet microchip companies providing pet tracking device for pet recovery service.

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