Monday, 20 November 2017

Tips to Choose a Dog Tracking System

We love our pets and they love to play with us. But sometimes they get too playful and go for a long walk alone and get lost. 10 million pets get lost in the US every year and a lot of them are unable to find their way back home. In such a case they become perpetually homeless, or are taken by dog facilities which might euthanize them or worse, they could even die in accidents especially in a city. An easy and simple solution to this problem is using a dog tracking system so that you can easily find them take back home if they ever get lost. A Dog tracking system ensures their safety and is able to track their location which is all that the owner could ask for. The question then arises that how should we choose a dog tracking system. To answer your concerns, keep reading this article as you are in the right place. Here are some things listed below to keep in mind while choosing a dog tracking system.

You could use an internal implanted microchip or an external GPS system. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss each feature and compare both of them on its basis. You should finally make the decision based on what suits your needs and you think is a better option.

Tracking system

A GPS attached externally to your dog on some of its body parts allows you to search for your dog easily wherever it goes. However the GPS system works on batteries and will only give information till it is charged. However it is very efficient for searching the pet and you can start the search as soon as you lose the pet.

A microchip has all the information fed into it when microchip registration happens. The information is particular to the owner, the breed, the color and everything. So the dog shelter when it founds the dog can scan the microchip which is rice sized big and attached under the skin of the dog. After scanning the shelter informs the facility. However, not all facilities have a scanner for the microchip and even those that have might not be complimentary to the same system as is fed into the microchip.

Long Life

Since the batteries of a GPS need to be charged often they can lose their battery and the tracking will stop the moment it loses battery.

Microchips have a comparatively long battery life.


Removing a microchip is really difficult because it is attached under the skin, but a GPS system can be removed more easily which could especially be the case if your dog gets stolen.
The dog chip companies are making microchips for pets which are efficient and long lasting. There are a lot of pet microchip companies making the best possible products with lots of different features to choose from.

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