Saturday, 19 May 2018

Reasons you should Microchip Your Cat or Dog

Your pets are the most valuable possession you can ever have. They are the unconditional lovers who are by your side at every point of time. The sweet and cute pets are just like the little children who are innocent and can get lost on their own. They need constant nurturing, care and proper supervision to grow happily. Unfortunately, it is a bad news that many dogs go missing and are not being able to be tracked even after having special badges and collars. In order to curb the problem of losing your pet a solution has been worked out. It is the technology and the pet microchip companies which have enabled the pets to be secure and safe in this environment.

An inexpensive method and easy operation is all it takes for your pet to get micro chipped. It is necessary for the pet to be micro chipped as the cases of pets getting lost are increasing. If you want your pet to be safe, it is better you get them micro chipped. The operation costs less than $50 and the procedure is so simple that the pet does not even feel the pain and the process is done. It is just like the pinch of needle touch you feel while you give blood. It is fitted between the shoulders of the pets usually. Many dog chip companies are coming up which are helping the owners with the whole process.

It is necessary to get your pets micro chipped to locate them in case they are lost. The micro registration of the chip is done. The microchip is registered and contains all the information about the pet. So in case your pet gets lost, it can be discovered and returned to you sooner or later. Just a call on the number of the microchip company, the owner or the vet will allow your dog to be traced and returned to you in good condition.

There are a number of stories which show that the microchip enabled the reunion of their pets and owners. The stories of the reunion became possible due to the technology. The scanners scanned the chip and located the owners place. It is really a very good option available to the pet owners which is a mandate nowadays.

Many people have pets of breeds which are rare and there are pet thief’s who are keen on stealing these pets away and selling them off at a profit. In order to stop this trafficking too, the microchip technology is helping the police. Many traffickers have been turned down due to the location tracking capability.

It is not necessary for the owner to go for the expensive options. The inexpensive method is a boon to the pet as well as the owner. Both of them stay united and the pet is safe and secured against wrong doers. Microchip for pets is a very popular and trendy safety measure.

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